The Concept

  • Performance driven company
  • Comprehensive accountability
  • Focused by design

The Opportunity

  • Intelligent analytics
  • Custom collection strategies
  • Uninhibited communication

The Results

  • Consistent & sustainable performance
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Long term partnerships
  • Increased customer satisfaction 


Delta Outsource Group, Inc. utilizes automated batch processing and manual skip tracing efforts to assist in the location of consumer contact information. During the vendor setup process, our team invests a great deal of time in our due diligence to ensure the data received back to us is current and reliable. Only unique phone numbers are provided back to us through our automated batch processing skip tracing.  Each of our vendors utilizes a de-duplication scrub in which all phone numbers past or present are provided to ensure phone numbers are not recycled back to us. Our skip-tracing strategy is straight forward, “quality over quantity”, with a focus on providing our agents with  the best information possible.

In addition, manual skip tracing efforts are conducted by collectors and/or dedicated skip tracers.  While our automated batch processing searches offer an expedited, efficient, and accurate way to locate contact information for consumers, it does exactly what it is programmed to do.  Manual skip tracing is done on accounts where batch processing returned no unique information or where information was provided but no contact has been established within our targeted time frames.