The Concept

  • Performance driven company
  • Comprehensive accountability
  • Focused by design

The Opportunity

  • Intelligent analytics
  • Custom collection strategies
  • Uninhibited communication

The Results

  • Consistent & sustainable performance
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Long term partnerships
  • Increased customer satisfaction 

Speech Analytics

Delta Outsource Group, Inc. utilizes the leading solution to continuously monitor and improve our performance and compliance through conversational speech analytics.  It reveals insights from automated analysis of communications between our agents and your consumers.  The system converts consumer interactions into a consistent format for analysis which automatically evaluates every contact for sentiment/acoustics, categorization, and performance scoring.


The system allows for free form search to find and playback contacts containing certain words and phrases or sharing other characteristics in a familiar web search user experience.  It also allows for evaluation and comparison of performance and key metrics using data visualization and determines root cause through auto topic analysis and automatically identifying outliers.


Trends, Analysis, and Comparisons for:


    • Agitation
    • Call Time
    • Duration
    • Hold Time
    • Longest Silence
    • Tempo
    • Word Count


When a potential compliance issue is identified, the system will isolate the call recording and identify the type of compliance issue, the word/phrases used, and the location in the call where the issue may have occurred.


Compliance scorecards are created for the collector, team, and company.  The scorecard evaluates overall Compliance Risk of each collector based on the analysis of all of the phone conversations.   Compliance Risk score ranges from Low Risk to High Risk.