The Concept

  • Performance driven company
  • Comprehensive accountability
  • Focused by design

The Opportunity

  • Intelligent analytics
  • Custom collection strategies
  • Uninhibited communication

The Results

  • Consistent & sustainable performance
  • Improved cost efficiencies
  • Long term partnerships
  • Increased customer satisfaction 

Our Values


The PAWS Initiative at Delta Outsource Group, Inc. was created as an intentional means of supporting the people within our organization and within our community.  It is more than a few positive words; it is a belief system that must be chosen, actionable and reinforced daily. PAWS is the vehicle for which we intend to build a foundation for a culture of positive work practices and shared vision. 


Giving Back

  • Food Drives
  • Military Care Packages
  • Various Fundraisers


  • Collectors Pledge
  • Employee Code of Conduct
  • Ask Dr. Debt
  • Clear Expectations


  • Compliance
  • Performance Driven
  • Brand Conscious
  • Being the Example