Collection Agency Solutions
for Creditors of Consumer Credit

We are a nationwide professional collection agency for creditors with consumer credit receivables.

Collections Technology Systems

Delta Outsource Group creates value in the debt collection process by finding opportunities to use technology to improve the experience without removing the compassion of a personal touch. We use a carefully selected mix of services to provide the best results for our clients and improve overall the for consumers.

Speech Analytics

Our detailed speech analytics tool enables us to maximize payments while staying compliant with the rules as they continually change. Our team is monitored for both ⁠—performance and compliance to ensure we are getting the most value out of each consumer contact.

Collection Platform

We use a customized version of Latitude as the backbone of our account management technology. This system-of-record enables us to manage customized work standards for each client including workflows, account treatment strategies and more.

Intelligent Analytics

Data is a driving force behind decision making at the Delta Outsource Group. We collect and analyze information about account holder demographics and other factors to improve the collections process and focus our efforts on accounts that will yield results.

Compliance Management

Delta Outsource Group uses advanced compliance management technology for monitoring compliance requirements across our business. Our compliance system enables us to manage all aspects of regulatory compliance from complaint and dispute tracking, to license management, staff training & testing, policy management and much more.

Using customized compliance software enables our management team to keep their finger on the pulse of compliance across our organization. Powerful KPI dashboards, reports and other methods are used to ensure our business meets the strictest compliance management requirements now as well as managing those requirements on an ongoing basis. We use these advanced analytics to proactively identify trends and identify opportunities for us to improve.

Client Experience

Our success has been built on providing an exceptional experience for our clients and their account holders. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate into our clients’ existing recovery processes to minimize the impact of outsourcing on their business. Our client services team customizes the experience based on the needs of each client including process, data transfers, reporting and other small nuisances that make a big difference in creating true partnership with our clients. We provide dedicated representatives to each client and empower our people to exceed the expectations of our clients.

Our client relationships are built on integrity, open communications and accountability. Our team is relentless in our pursuit of excellence.

Full-Service Collection Solutions

We offer our clients a full-service suite of collection and recovery solutions. We customize our solutions for each client based on their specific needs.

Pre-Charge / Early Out

Our team is ready to assist with pre-charge off/early out collections assistance. We understand the unique needs of this stage in the credit cycle and customize our approach to achieve results while protecting the account holder relationship.

Pre & Post Legal

Collecting on accounts before and after is a legal strategy, which  requires a nuanced approach. We understand how to unlock value at these stages in the recovery process.

Post Charge Off

We are well versed in managing account after they have charged off from the originating creditor. Charged off account holders may require a different approach to successfully resolve their accounts and we apply strategies that yield results from this distressed account segment.

Skip Tracing

Delta Outsource Group has a mix of skip tracing tools that our agents can use to identify missing accountholders and validate new phone numbers, addresses, employment or other location information. Our ability to find consumers enables us to maximize the value of receivables portfolios.

Customer Care

Our call center staff is trained to provide high quality customer care for accountholders. We work with clients outside of the collections and recovery process to assist with call center operations to meet their customer service needs.

Need Help Collecting Accounts?

We are here to help creditors through the collections process. We have the people, technology and systems to successfully recovery account balances while protecting your BRAND and respecting the PRIVACY of consumers.