Frequently Asked
Consumer Questions

Answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked about the debt collection process and our company.

About Delta Outsource Group, Inc.

Delta Outsource Group is a debt collection agency hired by creditors to resolve outstanding account balances. Our clients include banks, retailers, hospitals, credit unions, finance companies and other institutions that grant consumer credit. Our job is to contact consumers to inform them of the outstanding debt, and work together to find an acceptable resolution for all parties.

If you have received a call or an email from our company, we encourage you to contact us and discuss the situation. Our goal is to help consumers and creditors find a common ground.

How to Make Payments

We accept payments online, over the phone or by mail. We encourage you to call our office on 800-364-1895 to discuss your account and learn about options available for resolution. Our team can guide you through the process of making payments, proposing settlements or establishing payment plans. We strive to provide a positive experience during the collection process with a professional approach to debt collection.

Financial Literacy Tools

Our goal is to help consumers on the path to financial well-being. We have compiled these resources to help consumers improve their understanding of finance and consumer credit. Each tool provides insight into the credit cycle and various consumer credit products.

  • Ask Dr. Debt – Provided by ACA International where consumers can ask questions about personal finance and get answers from professional debt collectors.
  • Financial Literacy.Rocks – Provided by Receivables Management Association International which provides information on credit products, investments, budgeting, retirement planning and much more.
  • – A government resources illustrating the principles of money management, including the 5 money principles, earn, save and invest, protect, spend, and borrow.

Consumer Feedback

We respect consumers and love to hear from them. Contact our compliance team to share your feedback. We’d love to hear compliments but if you have any suggestions regarding our service, we would like to know about it too!

Consumer Relations Email –
Consumer Relations Hotline – 866-273-5110